Yoboshu Privacy Policy

At Yoboshu Private Limited , we respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining your trust. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to visitors of our sites and users of the Yoboshu Services. This Privacy Policy describes our practices and your rights in connection with information that we collect, use, or disclose through:

Collectively the “Yoboshu Services”. When you access or use the Yoboshu Services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and that the information contained in this Privacy Policy serves as notice at or before the point of collection for all information collected as described below.

  1. Defined Terms

  2. The following terms will have the meanings indicated below. “Partner ” means any individual who interacts with the Yoboshu Services through our mobile applications such as the Yoboshu Partners App, or our website www.yoboshu.in . “End users ” means any individual who interacts with the Yoboshu Services through our mobile applications such as the Yoboshu App ( for customers ), or our website www.yoboshu.in , and individuals who book sessions, memberships or purchase our services. “Other details” is any detail provided by the user such as fitness activities, languages spoken, awards and certifications, wtc. “Other Information” is any information that does not reveal your specific identity or does not relate to an individual, such as usage data not linked to any unique identifiers. “Personal Information” means data that relates to or about an identified or identifiable natural person or, where applicable, household as defined under relevant law. This may include information such as name, postal address, telephone number, email address, or unique online identifiers. Sometimes, we use the term “information” in this Privacy Policy, which may refer to either Personal Information or Other Information

  3. What Personal Information do we Collect?

    While the Personal Information we collect varies depending upon the nature of the Yoboshu Services provided or used and our interactions with individuals, Personal Information we may collect or obtain includes:

  4. How We Collect Information

    We collect information about you whenever you use any of the Yoboshu Services, for example:

    It is not compulsory for you to provide us with your personal information. However, without necessary information, we may be unable to provide you with Yoboshu Services. If you provide us with Personal Information of any person other than you,, you represent that you have the authority to do so and to permit us to use the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  5. How Personal Information May Be Used

    We may use your Personal Information for legitimate business purposes, including:

    We use your Personal Information based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.

  6. What and How Personal Information May Be Disclosed

    Please note that we may use and disclose Other Information for any purpose, except where we are required to do otherwise under applicable law. If we are required to treat Other Information as Personal Information under applicable law, then we may use it for all the purposes for which we use and disclose Personal Information. In some instances, we may combine Other Information with Personal Information. If we combine any Other Information with Personal Information, we will treat the combined information as Personal Information.

  7. Your choices regarding our use of information

    You can opt out from receiving messages and email from Yoboshu for marketing purposes.
    You cannot opt-out from receiving messages from Yoboshu for authentication, administrative, transactional and other purposes. Our mobile applications may also send push notifications to your mobile device, provided you consented to this. If you have previously consented to receiving push notifications and no longer wish to receive them, you can also turn push notifications off at the device level. The applications may also request access to your device’s storage,camera, messaging and location. If you have previously allowed access to the mentioned device properties and no longer wish to allow access, you may edit the application settings at the device level.

  8. Tracking and Advertising

    Yoboshu and our service providers and partners may collect other information in various ways. We and our service providers may employ cookies, web beacons, etc that help us to provide you with better user experience.

  9. Sign-In Services

    You can log in to the Yoboshu Services using your phone number and OTP. These services will authenticate your identity and provide you the option to edit your profile and provide the required information.

  10. Testimonials, Ratings and Reviews

    If you submit ratings, reviews or testimonials to Yoboshu Services, any Personal Information ( eg. your name) can be displayed in Yoboshu Services or Yoboshu’s social media handle. You are requested to contact us at contact@yoboshu.in in case you want your testimonial to be removed.

  11. Payment Processors

    Yoboshu currently uses payment processors as a Third Party Offering for internet-based payment services. If you wish to make a payment through Yoboshu Services, your Personal Information may be collected by such third parties directly and not by us, and will be subject to the third party’s privacy policy. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, third parties’ collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information. Where a third-party payment processor is utilized as a sub-processor, we have implemented appropriate onward transfer safeguards over your Personal Information. See Section sub-processors and their applicable privacy policies.

  12. Links To Other Websites

    Yoboshu is not responsible in any way for the privacy and information of any third parties. We are not responsible for collection, usage or disclosure policies of any organisation other than Yoboshu. This also includes any Personal Information you choose to share with any third party organisation , including our social media pages.

  13. Data Retention

    We will retain all the information you choose to share with us for as long as needed or permitted in light of the purpose(s) for which it was obtained and consistent with applicable law. The criteria used to determine our retention periods include:

  14. Use of Service By Children under 18

    The Yoboshu Services are not targeted for children under the age of eighteen (18), and we request that they do not provide Personal Information through the Yoboshu Services.

  15. Sensitive Information

    Yoboshu will never ask you to disclose any sensitive information which includes information related to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, trade union membership or criminal background, on or through the Yoboshu Services or otherwise to us, except where explicitly requested or consented to.

  16. Changes to This Privacy Policy

    Yoboshu may change Privacy Policy from time to time.. Whenever we make any substantial change to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you. If you continue using Yoboshu Services even after getting notice of any such changes, it will mean that you have accepted them. In case you do not agree, you may contact us in order to stop using Yoboshu Services. It is your duty to keep yourself updated with the latest Privacy Policy. You can know when was the policy last updated by the “Last Updated” legend at the top of Privacy Policy.

  17. Contact Us

    If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy you can contact us via email at contact@yoboshu.in.

  18. Sub-Processors

    The following is a list of current third-party vendors that may either directly or indirectly collect information from you in their capacity as a Sub-Processor. Please review the relevant privacy policies (links current as of the date of publication of this Privacy Policy) for further information on how each third-party handles your Personal Information:

    Third Party Name Related links
    razorpay https://razorpay.com/privacy/